Saturday, February 23, 2013

SJS Wan Chai (23-2-13)

By Amber Ko, Buddy Reading Leader
Hello! My name is Amber and I am blogging on the Buddy Reading session in SJS Wan Chai on the 23-2-13.
Buddy Reading was fun today; though there were only three people, we made it work. The funniest book is the one by Dr. Seuss, a buddy reader, Sean brought him to the center. The reason why it was fun was because it was about wacky things, and indeed there were things that were hilarious.
The children have better vision that I do, I couldn’t spot the things they saw, for example, the airplane on the road, doorsteps to a wall, windows placed on the floor, the driver in the backseat etc. If you read the book,  I wonder how fast you can spot the wacky things.

Saturday, December 8, 2012

Loop on SJS Chai Wan (8-12-12)

By Amber Ko - Buddy Reading Leader, 14
Hi, I am Cheryl and I am the cameraman for today’s session of Buddy Reading at SJS Chai Wan. Today was a really fun session with the kids as we read and sang “wheels on the bus”. They loved the pop-up parts and were really engaged in the story. This was my last time volunteering but the kids definitely made it a very memorable session.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Buddy Reading Tips

  • A great book stirs the imagination of the child.
  • The illustrations should enhance the story – telling more than the words.
  • The language should flow naturally.
  • Learn to trust the authors and illustrators who have created books that have become classics – they understand what makes a great book.
  • Stories should not preach to children – many values can be shared by the actions of the characters without directly telling children what they should or should not do.
  • The story should be memorable – one that children will want to read again and again.
  • The best books are ones that children say, “ Read it again”.
  • Think about what messages we want the children to have. Select books that support self-esteem; promote connectedness to others, history and experiences, and promote understanding and respect for others.
  • Choice of books is important especially the font and pictures, which have to be big and make sure it is appropriate for the age of your audience.
  • Practice the book whenever you can (this is because, when you read it to the children, you won’t stumble or mumble. If you don’t prepare, then the children will loose interest in the story.)
Source: Bring Me A Book Foundation (adapted by Amber)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

New Term -- 2012-2013 Term 1

How time flies! Summer holiday is coming to the end, and the new term has just started! We are just as excited as the students who are looking forward to a very fulfill new term.

We’ve been engaging our young volunteers to outreach by reading aloud to, and with kids in the community and next month marks our 2nd anniversary! Do you have any great idea of how should we celebrate this meaningful anniversary? Let us know by writing comments here or on our Facebook Fan Page.

Monday, July 9, 2012

Buddy Reading 2011-2012 Term 3 completed! - A letter to Volunteers

Dear Buddy Reading volunteers,

Thank you very much for volunteering as a Buddy Reader. We have completed this term of service with 4 community centers successfully. Many thanks to you for your passion and patience, your giving heart and hard work. We are so grateful to your help, and so proud that we have such dedicated volunteers like you. We enjoyed working with you so much, and we are deeply moved by your love and sincere care for the children.

We would like to hear more feedbck and suggestions from you to make this program better. Please feel free to contact us with your ideas, and feel free to introduce us to your friends. We will email you the schedule and sign up links for next term very soon, please check your inbox.

Thank you again for your time and effort to make a difference in the community. We are looking forward to seeing you again in next term. And, don't forget to like @kids4kids on facebook!

With warmest regards,

Team @ Kids4Kids

Saturday, June 30, 2012

Testimonial from Buddy Readers

Let's hear what our Buddy Readers have to say.

Jeremy (Age 13):

 I feel like I have actually provided some entertainment to the kids. I learn how to keep the kids focused on what I am reading about, and the different methods of getting them into the story.


Justin (Age 12):

As a Buddy Reader, I fell really glad because I can help the children who live under the poverty line whom may not have the chance to read such a lot of books and like that it doesn't only benefits the children but also benefits me too, because during the program I can experience how lucky am I to live in family who can affords book. Overall I think this is a really great program.


Leah (Age 16):  

The kids were enthusiastic, and a joy to read to. It was wonderful over a period of just a few weeks, to see them become more confident with their reading and understanding of English books, whilst still having fun.

Ada (Age 21):

 I enjoy Buddy Reading since I love interacting with children and I can really feel that they like reading after joining the program. I know I have given back to the community, and I have made someone smile. I feel good to have made a difference in someone’s life as a Buddy Reader.

Amber (Age 14):

Buddy reading teaches us that there is always something that we can do. We all ask ourselves, what can I do to make a difference? The answer is using our English education to the fullest. Since we are so privileged, we have the opportunity to read through countless of English books that bring us pure joy therefore the low-income children should have the opportunity to read with joy as well. With the development of the Buddy Reading Program, we can engage more students and continue changing lives of many children.

Priyanka (Age 20):

It was a great experience teaching and reading to kids english stories. It felt really good to actually do something for the welfare of community and try to help the kids to gain more interest towards english language through illustrating and narrating stories to them. It is a very well organized event with very helpful and passionate organizers and team members who were very committed and diligent about their work. Hence it was a great time that I spent during performing the service and it was lot of fun.

Thank you all our lovely volunteers! Together we can make a big difference!

Friday, June 22, 2012

How to present the book to the kids

How to be interactive when reading to the kids? Here are some videos to give a an idea!

Volunteer reading "Giraffes Can't Dance". This is a pop-up book with an amazing story. See how the volunteer presents the book. She is reading with exciting voice in low pace. Turn the pages slowly, let the pop-up wow the kids!

Volunteer reading "Fire Truck". It is important to ask questions related to the book as well as to the kids' real life. Ask about colors, animals, etc. Get them to answer your question. Some Chinese translation might be necessary to help the kids to understand the story.